The range of Kernel OpenOffice tools is aimed to repair corrupted, damaged and inaccessible files of MS OpenOffice. These tools fix all corruption issues in OpenOffice files and recover the data so that users can again access them.

Kernel for Writer Repair
Kernel for Writer : It repairs .ODT files, recovers entire data and saves it to new working file.
Kernel for Base
Kernel for Base : It repairs the .ODB files and recovers tables, table structures, views, forms, reports from the database files.
Kernel for Impress
Kernel for Impress : It repairs the .ODP files and completely recovers master slides, animations, text formatting, images, hyperlinks, sound effects, and other objects from corrupt and damaged files. After recovering the data, it saves them to new working file.
Kernel for Draw
Kernel for Draw: It repairs the .ODG files of OpenOffice Draw and extracts images, text, Unicode characters etc from the file.
Kernel for Calc
Kernel for Calc : It repairs the corrupt and inaccessible .ODS files and recovers formulae, cell data, functions, tables, charts, images from the files and saves to new working Calc files.
Kernel for Math
Kernel for Math: It is responsible to repair the inaccessible .ODF files and recover equations, formulae, page orientation, text formatting and other items from the document.
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