Kernel for Linux
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Kernel for Linux Recovery

Restores inaccessible Linux data from Ext2/Ext3 file systems.

  • Recover lost or deleted data from the deleted partitions and missing files and folders
  • The Save Recovery Snapshot feature embedded in the software saves the disk analysis time and the File Filter option helps to easily locate a specific file type from the huge amount of recovered files and folders.
  • The damaged Super Blocks, Inode Tables, Group Descriptor Block corruptions are efficiently repaired and the software supports recovery from IDE, SCSI, EIDE, SATA, PAN, ZIP, USB and Firewire drives.
  • Live Update feature is available within the linux data recovery software, to make sure that you always have latest version of the Kernel software.
Recover lost data from EXT2, EXT3 partitions of Linux System- Linux Data Recovery

Kernel Recovery for Linux is linux data recovery software which effectively recovers lost data from the deleted partitions. The linux partition gets damaged due to group descriptor block corruption, super block or Inode table corruptions, deleted partition structures, file deletions and unexpected system shutdowns.

The Linux data recovery software with enhanced QFSCI algorithm inspects the damaged hard drive for deleted files and folders and displays the recovered files in a list-like structure from where these files can be easily selected and copied to a working disk.

The supported versions of the Linux partition recovery software includes recovery from Ext2, Ext3 file system based linux operating systems such as Red Hat, Mandrake, Turbo, SuSe, Debian, Ubuntu and SCO.

The Linux data recovery tool also proves beneficial in the recovery cases for ReiserFS and JFS partitions.

The Evaluation version of the Kernel Linux Data Recovery can be downloaded FREE. The demo version is fully equipped with all the features and only restricts saving process of the files and folders recovered by the software. The evaluation version provides easy access and creates image of the files and folders which can be recovered. If evaluation version of Kernel Linux Data Recovery displays your lost and inaccessible files and folders, then purchase FULL version of the software to get back your lost data and save it respectively.


Supported File System - Linux Data Recovery Software

All flavors of Linux - Ext2, Ext3.

System Requirements for Linux Data Recovery Software

Operating System: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/98/NT/95

Minimum 64MB of RAM

Select the disk to recover Linux data
Mounting the selected file systems
Select files and folders from right pane