Q. What is the difference between Demo and Full version of the Kernel software range?
Ans. As you download the Demo version of any software, the questions related to the functionality of demo start haunting your mind - What does the software do, what will it display, what are the restrictions of the demo version and the most important how is the demo version different from the FULL version? You get the answers to your questions as soon as you use the software.

Similarly, in the case of data recovery software's, you first download the Demo version - analyze the software, test the accuracy, get idea about the recovered data and if satisfied purchase the FULL version of software.

The wide range of software offered by Lepide Software is available for evaluation, which are fully functional and only restricts saving process of the recovered files.]

You can download the demo version and test it by recovering your corrupted files or data. There are no features in the Full version that you cannot find in the Demo. The Demo software gives a much fair idea about the chances of data recovery from your data storage media before deciding to purchase the software.

The result of the recovered data and files depends upon the extent of corruption of the media.
The FULL version of the software enables you to save the recovered files and data.

The main advantage of the demo software is that that the software never expires and can be used for unlimited period of time.

Q. How does the Kernel software range gets activated when the Full version is purchased?
Ans. As soon as you purchase Full version of the Kernel software, an email which consists the activation details is mailed to you by our support team.

Q. What is the difference between Demo and Full version of the Kernel Password Recovery software?
Ans. The Demo version of the Kernel Password recovery software displays only first two characters of the password whereas FULL version displays the complete password.

In general you can view the preview of the software; test, evaluate the functionality of our Kernel range through the demo version and when satisfied you can purchase the tool.

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