Kernel for Linux
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Kernel for Linux Recovery

Fixes Linux ReiserFS issues and recovers lost data.

  • Recover lost or deleted data from the deleted partitions and missing files and folders
  • Volume recovery on ReiserFS Linux systems with damaged Super Blocks and Linux systems with damaged Leaf nodes and journals.
  • The damaged Super Blocks, Inode Tables, Group Descriptor Block corruptions are efficiently repaired and the software supports recovery from IDE, SCSI, EIDE, SATA, PAN, ZIP, USB and Firewire drives.
  • Live Update feature is available within the reiserfs recovery software, to make sure that you always have latest version of the Kernel Reiserfs recovery software.
Kernel Recovery for ReiserFS

Kernel Recovery for ReiserFS is an advanced Linux Data Recovery Software, recovers missing/deleted data from the Linux based Reiserfs File system. The ReiserFS Recovery Software is secure, simple and easy to use Data Recovery Software which recovers data lost due to following reasons.

  • Accidental file deletion,
  • Partition deletion,
  • Partition Corruption
  • Internal node or INode corruption,
  • Journal corruption,
  • Super Block Corruption and
  • Directory Corruption.
  • Accidental file deletion,

Kernel ReiserFS Recovery - Linux Data Recovery Software uses quick and advanced algorithm to search and restore the lost partitions, files and folders from the corrupt and damaged Linux partitions where ReiserFS file system based operating systems such as Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat Linux, Mandrake Linux, Turbo Linux, and SuSe Linux are installed on the hard disk or data storage media.

The recovered files and folders are displayed in a tree like structure by the Kernel ReiserFS Partition Recovery - Linux Recovery Software which enables the user to easily select and copy files to the desired location.


Kernel Reiserfs Recovery supports following file systems

ReiserFS - Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat Linux, Mandrake Linux, Turbo Linux, and SuSe Linux

System Requirements for Reiserfs Recovery

Operating System: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/98/NT/95

Hardware Requirements - Minimum 64MB of RAM

Select the disk to recover data
Mounting the selected file system
Select the files and folders to recover